To be properly told, a story needs to be observed very closely and witnessed from the inside. Lview Project is born by the commitment of three Italian photojournalists and aims to shed some light on the lives of people – hence the name Lview Project – involved both in major news stories and in lesser-known events of global interest.
The group’s objective is to offer deep insights of these stories, by investigating, documenting and testifying through visual reportages. Furthermore, Lview Project also intends to be a sharing platform to identify new editorial spaces.
Bound by a common ethical vision of photography and information, the photographers of Lview Project – Andrea Carrubba, Alberto Maretti and Mauro Prandelli – collaborated with some of the major international newspapers. Focused on fundamental human rights and the fight for social equality, they documented in depth wars, famines, humanitarian emergencies and environmental disasters in different parts of the world.